Spirit of Junior Football

All players, coaches, parents and the committee must abide by the principles of the Spirit of Junior Football and True Sport as described below. These policies have been prepared by the WAFC and Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries.

Every participant understands that Football in Western Australia is delivered to the Community with the Spirit of the Game in mind.

It is incumbent on every participant irrespective of their place in the game, to ensure that they will;

1.1. Not focus on winning at all costs and understand that the role of Junior & Youth Football is to foster the development of players, volunteers, umpires, coaches and officials. Learning to win and lose is part of the developmental journey of a participant but must remain secondary to the primary focus of player development.

1.2 Maximise the enjoyment and development of Junior & Youth footballers.

1.3 Provide our children with a game environment that is safe, fun and fair.

1.4 Ensure that the values which add to the spirit of our game, which include fairness, equality, respect and teamwork are encouraged and celebrated.

1.5 Uphold, promote and protect the Rules, Laws, Codes, Policies and Spirit of the game.

1.6 Not accept poor behaviours around our game and deter practices that undermine our games environments (coaching, playing, volunteering, spectating and umpiring).

1.7 Adhere to any directive issued by the games controlling bodies in the best interests of achieving the above.

1.8 Coaches should adopt an athlete centred coaching philosophy.

A Person must not engage in conduct which is unbecoming or likely to prejudice the interests or reputation of Junior Football or to bring the game of football into disrepute


True Sport is an initiative by the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries that supports local sporting clubs and associations to use eight values to share the benefits of sport and recreation to our whole community. After consulting with members of the sporting industry, it is apparent that people believe that strong community values are an important part of having a positive sporting experience in our

True Sport is the sport we want. Good sport can make a huge difference to our community and it is important to help sports work together to share this message through using a common language that everyone understands.

True Sport’s eight values should be part of everyday life both on and off the field. By embracing these values, teams, clubs, participants and officials can work together to create fun, fair and safe environments for one and all to participate in sporting activities.

The eight True Sport Values are:
• Have Fun
• Be Safe
• Give Back
• Be Healthy
• Play Fair
• Bring Your Best
• Show Respect
• Include All

For more information on please visit https://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/truesport