Life Members

Life Members are invaluable to our Club and become Life Members after having served 5 years or more on the Willetton Junior Football Club Committee. The dedication and depth of experience these people bring to our Club has helped keep our Club strong. Their persistence and focus on football and our greater community is to be commended



1984 Raymond Hagen                              
1984     Geoff Field                             
1984     Cedric Muller                       
1986     Anne Moylan                        
1986     Robert Burns
2001     Sue McManus
2007     Con Regan
2009     Ross Burvill
2009     Ben Boatwright
2009     Bruce Haskell
2009     Ray Legg
2009     Neil Lester-Smith
2009     Jeff Smith
2010     Merise Smith
2010     Gavin Brown
2010     Steve Schleicher
2010     Mick McGinty
2011     Rebecca Powell
2011     Rob Wilson
2013     Toni Brown
2013     Craig Bennett
2014     Mark Read
2014     Paul Cassidy
2016     Glenn Hunter
2016     Helen Hunter
2016     Lisa Bolton
2017     Dave Artingstall

2020 Robyn Eade

2020 David Blechynden