Club Transfers

If you’ve made the decision to Be Navy Blue and have previously played at another club you will need to apply for a transfer and it be accepted before registering with WJFC.

The formal transfer window commences on the 1st of February each year and typically closes on the 30th of June.

The process is as follows:

  1. Notify your current club of your intention to transfer.
  2. Download and complete a transfer clearance request form and email the form back to our Registrar (Click here)
  3. WJFC Registrar will submit the transfer application online.
  4. Player and both Clubs will receive notification that transfer has been accepted or denied
  5. If successful, player registers at Willetton JFC. Click here to register with WJFC.

Transfers can take up to week to process

A transfer can be denied if a player:

  • is under contract
  • owes their club money
  • is in possession of Club property ie player jumper